Tuesday, December 4, 2018

POC dancers needed for dance protest film against injustice and in solidarity with migrant families

group of young dancers to be in the film a mother

The Semillas Collective, Dance To The People and The May Day Space’s Children’s KYR Theatre Program are working together to produce a dance-film inspired by the migrant struggle, highlighting the resilience of migrant communities/ displaced refugees while expressing solidarity to the children/families detained at the border. This is precisely the time to unite and create with our community. We believe that art and dance are powerful ways of healing and resisting impunity. The dance-film will aim to shed truth about alt-right leaning corporations who are the most invested in supporting anti-immigrant & ICE efforts. We will be the first to express solidarity to the thousands of children & families detained at the border via dance film, a medium that is capable of reaching millions.


Dancing to Decolonize & Heal


Since the beginning of this month (November) we have been hosting free dance workshops for children of communities of color/immigrant families, at the May Day Space in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Beyond preparing the children for the film-shoot, we hope to help participants find strength in connecting with their indigenous and african roots through dance. Each week professional dancers and instructors from indigenous danza groups, have been volunteering their time and talent as a way of showing up for social justice in solidarity. The Sound-Score and Dance that will be featured in the dance-film is inspired by Indigenous Andino Rhythms & Mexica Danza Tradition.


We need you!


Please let us know if you would like to participate in this dance-film, by sending an email with a brief description of your work and some links (pictures, video, website).


Rehearsal Dates and Times & Day of Film Shoot:

12/7- 12-3pm @MayDay in Bushwick

12/14- 12-3pm @MayDay in Bushwick

12/16- Film Shoot @ Last Frontier in Greenpoint (hours tbd, but will be during the day)

Let’s continue to spread “semillas” (seeds) of consciousness, as we rise against injustice together.

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two male dancers, one in a manual wheelchair and the other on top of him doing an inversion


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