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Sunday, August 19, 2018

The Evening of Contemporary Dance 

Dance Jaqlin Medlock

The Evening of Contemporary Dance 


Emotions Physical Theatre is looking for choreographers to present up to 10 minutes of work at Actors Arts Fund Arts Center located at 160 Schermerhorn St. Brooklyn, NY 11201 on October 20th or October 21st, 2018.


Present your work on a large stage (25 feet deep x 50 feet wide) with lighting capabilities, and get photos and high quality video of your work shot from three different camera angles. You will have the opportunity to make $15.00 per ticket. This event will also be live streamed. 


There is no application fee and no production fee.

How it works:
Selected artists will pre-purchase 6 tickets at $25 each ($150 total and pay a video fee of $25).
When your guests purchase tickets, you will be credited the full amount ($25) for each of the first 6 tickets you sell.
Any additional tickets you sell beyond the first six will be credited at $15 per ticket.
You will receive a payout within two weeks after the show for all of your ticket sales.



Please email the following information to [email protected] 

Application: Please submit the following

Your name:

Your company/Artist name:

Phone number:


A brief description of the piece (four sentences tops):

A link to video:  

Marketing strategy:



Please note if video for the piece you are submitting is not available, please send an example of previous work that is representative of the style for your current work in progress and/or send rehearsal footage.

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Dancer with violin holding dancer in arabesque


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