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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

"Labor of Love?" JComm Members on Balancing Passion and Practicality


Tonight, we're hosting “Labor of Love?: A Long Table,” a conversation around labor, artistic love, and monetary and social value in the dance field! To get the conversation started, we asked JComm members to discuss how they balance passion and practicality in their own careers.

Will Noling:

I try to avoid thinking in valued hierarchies that place all artistic activity over economic practicality. In the long arc of a career, any course of action can have validity.


Kim Savarino:

Sometimes...I don't. The relationship I create between these two elements is constantly in flux, because my definitions of "passion" and what feels "practical" are constantly changing. On a very basic level, I make enough money to survive and live in New York City (this is significant), and this fact allows me space, privilege, and time to consider work that checks the passion box without fulfilling practical need


Nadia Khayrallah:

I am currently a freelance dancer/choreographer who makes most of my income from unrelated but highly flexible work (barista-ing, tutoring, personal assisting). So passion and practicality are, for the most part, distinct units that I try to puzzle-piece into my day. A major challenge right now is fitting sleep, self-care, and personal administrative work into that puzzle.

We hope to see you at the Long Table to share your own thoughts and experiences. Register (for free) here! 

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Young dancers posing while holding homemade paper art projects


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Young dancers posing while holding homemade paper art projects

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