Junior Committee

Junior Committee

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Executive Committee

Joan Bradford

Joan Bradford, Co-Chair

Stephanie, a bi-racial Latina woman, has short brown hair and brown eyes and wears a black vneck tee against a blurry background

Stephanie Rivas, Co-Chair

A Black person with closely shaven black hair, brown eyes and wearing red lipstick looks towards the camera. They are wearing a

Maya Simone Z., Secretary

A white person with short, blonde, hair with bangs looks at the camera from the side with a closed-mouth smile.

Anna Bjella, Communications Chair


a white femme person with curly brown hair and brown eyes gazes into the camera. they are wearing a brown short sleeve turtlenec

Abigail Linnemeyer

Audrey, a biracial white and Asian woman, is posing inside against a white wall. She wears a black turtleneck and gold hoops

Audrey Berger

Black woman looks straight into the camera over her left shoulder. She has black locs pulled back into a ponytail.

Brooke Rucker

Girl in her mid-twenties with dark, curly hair stares at camera. She is feeling both determined and soft at the same time.

Catherine Messina

Dianne has hazel eyes and long dark hair, down past her shoulders. She is wearing a collared, sleeveless dark green vest

Dianne Walsh

Katherine is black with brown skin and large dark eyes. Her hair is voluminous, kinky and dark brown.

Katherine De La Cruz

Leila Mire

Leila Mire

 Nia Simone shot by Craig Phollbrick in Brooklyn for his portrait series on New York artists.

Nia Washington-Saeed

Portia, a white trans non-binary person, stands against a cloudy, grey sky. They have short, brown hair.

Portia Wells

Sophie, a white woman, is pictured leaning against a brick wall outside in a black long sleeve shirt and high-waisted blue jeans

Sophie Visscher-Lubinizki

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