Junior Committee

Executive Committee and Members

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Ami Scherson Headshot

Ami Scherson, Co-Chair

Linda Ryan Headshot

Linda Ryan, Co-Chair

Anna Bjella Headshot

Anna Bjella

Anna McDunn Headshot

Anna McDunn

Brooke Rucker Headshot

Brooke Rucker

Danielle Iwata Headshot

Danielle Iwata

Jesse Obremski Headshot

Jesse Obremski

Joan Bradford

Joan Bradford

John Maria Gutierrez

John Maria Gutierrez

Katherine De La Cruz Headshot

Katherine De La Cruz

Kimberleigh Costanzo Headshot

Kimberleigh Costanzo

Leila Mire

Leila Mire

Maya Simone Z.

Maya Simone Z.

Stephanie Rivas

Stephanie Rivas

Veronica Jiao Headshot

Veronica Jiao

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