Dance/NYC Symposium

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2022 Digital Symposium

Thursday, March 17, 2022, 10:00 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.
Friday, March 18, 2022, 9:45 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Saturday, March 19, 2022, 9:45 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.


UPDATE: As of Wednesday, January 26, 2022, the Dance/NYC 2022 Symposium will be held entirely on a virtual platform.

experience the 2022 symposium

The 2022 Symposium is a virtual event, convening on Whova, an all-in-one digital conference platform that features video live-streaming, speaker and audience engagement, a community bulletin board, and sponsor placement. The three-day event also includes virtual panel discussions and interactive workshops, a virtual service fair, and broadcasted keynote conversations. 


Sessions will include ASL interpretation and closed captions.
For the full description of accessibility services, please visit the venue page.
For more information about accessibility or to request reasonable accommodations contact Brinda Guha at

Please note that this is a three-day event. Registration covers all sessions and events over the course of three days. Tickets are not sold for individual sessions or days and are non-refundable. 

Participants are listed in alphabetical order by first name.
Click on their names to access their bios.

Session Speakers and Moderators

In a black and white image, Aaron Mattocks, a bald, bearded, white cis male in his early 40s, sits on a stool facing the camera

Aaron Mattocks, Director of Programming

Joyce Theater

Digital portrait of the artist's face, wearing a red shirt, dark blazer, with long black hair, short black beard, fair skin.

Adham Hafez, Founder and Artistic Director, HaRaKa Platform and Wizara Ecosystems

A honey colored, bald black woman wearing an evergreen colored hat in a purple jumpsuit with a cowry shell and beaded necklace

Adia Whitaker, Founder & Artistic Director

Àṣẹ Dance Theatre Collective

Alejandra is standing in front of a wooden wall. She is a fair-skin with short brown hair, a big smile, and a yellow blazer.

Alejandra Duque Cifuentes, Dance/NYC Strategy and Research Consultant + Founder & Principal, ADC Consulting

Photo of a smiling woman with green eyes, pale skin, and curly red hair

Alexandra Beller, Artistic Director

Alexandra Beller/Dances

A light skinned biracial woman with dark brown wavy shoulder length hair. W. hazel/brown eyes & cranberry pink lipstick.

Alexandria Wailes, Freelance Artist

Alice Sheppard Headshot

Alice Sheppard

Kinetic Light

Alison, a white femme with long brown hair and blue eyes smiles up at the camera. She is wearing light purple lipstick, glasses.

Alison Kopit, Disability. Dance. Artistry. Resident


White woman, with long brown hair and blue eyes in a blue patterned dress with a gold circle necklace with a dancer

Amy A. Lehman, Director of Legal Services

Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts

A white woman with short brown hair and blue eyes, wearing a v-neck black top, smiling.

Amy Smith, Dance Artist, Educator, Facilitator

Ana Nery, a white woman with long black hair looking straight at the camera. She is in front of a grey background.

Ana Nery Fragoso, Acting Director

Arnhold Graduate Dance Education Program, Hunter College

A brown-skinned South Asian woman with black and some white hair looks at the camera, with her head slightly tilted to the left.

Ananya Chatterjea, Artistic Director, Ananya Dance Theatre & Coordinator

Shawngrām Institute for Performance & Social Justice

Light brown, 45 year old Native man in a black sweater against a forest backdrop

Andre Bouchard, Executive Creative Producer

a person with long hair, wearing sunglasses and grey coveralls, is looking serenely at the camera from within a lush field

andrea haenggi, Interdisciplinary Dance Artist and Ethnochoreobotanographer

Photo of a woman with pale white skin, brown eyes, shoulder length dark brown hair, wearing a black shirt.

Anna Campbell, Senior Program Officer

Howard Gilman Foundation

Anna Gichan a young white woman with high cheek bones, medium length brown hair and bright eyes smiles casually at the camera.

Anna Gichan, Disability. Dance. Artistry. Resident


Taiwanese American woman with light brown complexion and dark brown, medium length hair with light brown highlights.

Anne Huang, Executive Director

World Arts West

Annie-B, a woman in glasses with her hand on her chin.

Annie-B Parson, Artistic Director

Big Dance Theater

A photo of Ashley Cloud smiling with business casual wear and hair in an afro.

Ashley N. Cloud, Founder & Managing Attorney

The Cloud Law Firm, PLLC

light, tan-skinned person with wavy black hair, wearing a clear ring on pointer finger, magenta nail polish, and magenta makeup

Benedict Nguyễn, Freelance Dancer, Writer, and Creative Producer

A woman with dark brown shoulder length hair sits in front of a brown wall, smiling softly at the camera.

Beverly Lopez, Artistic Director, REDi Dance Company, Dancer, Choreographer, Teaching Artist

A slightly smiling Carl Paris headshot against a brick wall as a backdrop

Dr. Carl Paris, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Africana Studies at John,

Independent Scholar in Dance and Cultural Studies

 White woman with long dark blond hair and blue eyes smiling, wearing a blue leotard

Carmen Caceres, Dance Artist, Choreographer, and Educator

Headshot of Chris Walker wearing a black and white shirt

Chris Walker, Director, Division of the Arts; Professor

Dance Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Headshot of Clarinda with a slight smile, from the shoulders up, wearing a grey scoop-necked shirt, against a black background.

Clarinda Mac Low, Executive Director

Artist and Arts Worker, Executive Director of Culture Push, Inc.

Close-up photo of Corbett, a large bodied older white woman with gray hair, sitting outside wearing a dark green shirt.

Corbett OToole, Disabled Dance Advocate

White man wearing pink shirt, shaved head, smiling with arms folded in front of chest.

Craig T. Peterson, Executive Artistic Director

Abrons Arts Center

Cricket in Noriaki's photography studio

Cricket Colter, Cricket, of the Step Fenz, Crazy-Natives dance crews; Artistic Director of Concept Kinetics

A picture of a smiling man with wavy black hair, wearing a white T shirt, and a golden snake necklace on a red background.

Daniel Park, Training and Consulting Manager

U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives

Headshot of Darian Parker. Wearing a blue sweater.

Darian Marcel Parker, PhD, Guest Professor of West African Dance

The Juilliard School

Clean shaven bald Black man of dark complexion wearing a brown tee shirt and looking into the camera with a slight smile

David Thomson, Artist, Advocate, Mentor, Educator

person in a grey button up shirt and cap leaning against a tree looking directly at the camera framing the torso

devynn emory, multi-modal dancer/choreographer, director of devynnemory/beastproductions + sage

Diane wearing her Osage traditional blanket-dark blue wool broadcloth with silk ribbonwork Sunrise pattern

Diane Fraher, Founder & Director

American Indian Artists Inc, (AMERINDA)

Photo of Elena wearing a pink blazer with a gray background

Elena Sundick, Mellon Public Humanities Research Fellow, JKO School Intern, and Dance Educator

Woman standing outside in park during autumn, facing the camera with one hand on tree. She has blonde hair with bangs, pale skin

Ellie Kusner, Freelance Dance Educator, Teacher, and Advocate; Faculty at Juilliard Dance and Mark Morris Adult

Co-Host of DanceWell Podcast

Frank Malloy IV Headshot

Frank Malloy IV, aka DJ OLOBÈ, Musician, Composer, and DJ

Harambee Dance Company

A white woman with chin-length brown hair and blue eyes smiling slightly, wearing a gray-ish green top, blurred background

Hallie Chametzky, Archiving Specialist


Hope Mohr is white with long, dark hair pulled in a bun on top of her head. She stands in front of a cliff.

Hope Mohr, Attorney and Co-Director

The Bridge Project

on stage, movement, speaking of homeland, not wearing a shirt and with brown trousers, barefoot at Pace university

Hussein Smko, Founder/Director

Project TAG Dance Theater Company

A white woman with shoulder-length brown hair, wearing a sleeveless black to, stands in front of a bookshelf in a sunny space.

Imogen Smith, Director of Archiving and Preservation


Headshot of Janet Rollé

Janet Rollé, CEO & Executive Director

American Ballet Theatre

A black and white picture of Jason looking away from the camera lens; he is wearing a black beanie and has a shorter beard.

Jason Styres, Casting Director and Creative Director

The Casing Collaborative

Jeremy is a Black man with shoulder length dreadlocks swopped to one side of his confidently focused facial expression.

Jeremy McQueen, Director & Choreographer

The Black Iris Project

Framed by wooden beams and branches, Sigman looks directly at the camera. She has pale olive skin, green eyes, a mint kerchief.

Jill Sigman, Artistic Director

jill sigman/thinkdance

Black and white portrait of Kamal Sinclair where she is smiling, her hair is down and curly.

Kamal Sinclair, Regenerative Leadership Member

Guild of Future Architects

The artist looking to their right in the sun under an umbrella

Karen Finley, Arts Professor, Art and Public Policy

Tisch School of the Arts, NYU

Kellee, a non-disabled butterscotch skinned woman with long dark brown hair, is slightly smiling with her arms folded.

Kellee Edusei, Executive Director, Dance/USA

Kimberly Olsen Headshot

Kimberly Olsen, Executive Director

NYC Arts in Education Roundtable

A fair light skinned white man sitting outside in a blue sports coat. He has dark blonde hair and hazel blue eyes.

Kristopher W. McDowell, Founder of Rhizome Consulting and KMP Artists

Photo of Kyle Dacuyan in a white shirt with triangle earring, in a plaza at night.

Kyle Dacuyan, Executive Director

The Poetry Project

Laurel, a white woman with creamy skin, cropped silvery hair, and hazel eyes, looks thoughtfully to one side.

Laurel Lawson, Choreographer, Kinetic Light; Artist-Engineer, Rose Tree Productions

 African American female with large curly hair, wearing a yellow tank top

Lauren Cox, Assistant Professor of Jazz Dance

UMass Amherst

Lavesh posing in a "Chaal" posture wearing a traditional Bhangra outfit.

Lavesh Pritmani, Founder

Learn Bhangra

Lehuanani is dressed in a sleeveless grey dress. She has a lot of wavy brown hair that is worn down. She looks at the camera

Lehuanani DeFranco, Organizer

Uprooted & Rising

middle aged white woman speaking to audience with one hand raised, short blonde hair, grey dress

Lucy Sexton, Executive Director, New Yorkers For Culture & Arts

A black and white image of a Black woman with long locs.

Makeda Thomas

A Black woman poses outdoors. She is surrounded by large trees and the light is dappled through their leaves.

Maria Bauman, Artistic Director of MBDance; Co-founder of ACRE (Artists Co-creating Real Equity)

Headshot of Marianna Koytsan

Marianna Koytsan

Matt at farm with goat in background

Matt Feinstein, Co-op Clinic Program Manager

U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives

A black woman with dark brown long dreadlocks is looking straight ahead into the camera. The background is brownstones and trees

Maxine Montilus, Dance Artist, Artistic Director of MV Dance Project

A Black person with closely shaven black hair, brown eyes and wearing red lipstick looks towards the camera. They are wearing a

Maya Simone Z., Interdisciplinary Artist & Advocate

Dance/NYC Junior Committee

Photo of a Brown skinned femme in the foreground wearing green jumpsuit with long medium sized braids, large smile

mayfield brooks, Artist/Choreographer

Megan Metcalf is wearing a green bandanna and a copper jacket and a short haircut and looking out of the window.

Dr. Megan Metcalf, Senior Fellow

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Medium skin-toned femme with light makeup on. They are wearing a black headwrap. They have a black shawl over a burgundy shirt.

Mia Morris, Independent Artist + Executive Director

Dance for All Bodies

Medium complex Black cis-woman with black hair pulled into a bun wearing a white hoodie sweatsuit with black with writing that s

Michele Byrd-McPhee, Executive Director

Ladies of Hip-Hop

Headshot of Michelle Bae in a black sweater smiling in front of John Ahearn’s yellow and orange plaster cast sculptures.

Michelle Bae, Program Officer

Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund

Filipino-American male stands in front of a light gray background wearing a white chiffon cover all over a white shirt.

Mike Esperanza, Artistic Director

BARE Dance Company

Mike stands in a dressing room, surrounded by the bright bulbs of makeup mirrors. His t-shirt is black with purple flowers.

Mike Megliola, Director of Information Strategy and Inclusion

Parsons Dance

Red-haired white woman, wearing a black sweater, standing against a shelf of books.

Moira Brennan, Executive Director

The MAP Fund, Inc.

Muna Tseng portrait with her head tilted back and her arms arm raised with her hand curled with an orange scarf.

Muna Tseng, Founder, Artistic Director, Choreographer, Dancer, Teacher, Muna Tseng Dance Projects Inc.

Creative Director, Estate Archive of Tseng Kwong Chi, New York

Nafisa Sharriff wears all white African and Indian clothing symbolizing the diversity of Spiritual paths

Reverend Nafisa Sharriff, Founder & CEO

Entering the Holy of Holies

Nia Love holding anchor in a semi-profile position. Wearing a neon yellow and blue swimsuit. Her hair is wind-driven, curly

nia love, Choreographer, Artist

Assistant Professor Adjunct at Queens College

Headshot of Nicky in black suit

Nicky Paraiso, Director of Programming, The Club at La MaMa

Festival Curator, La MaMa Moves! Dance Festival

A white woman with a curly brown shag haircut, black leather jacket, and slightly tinted aviator glasses in front of an industri

Nina Berman, Associate Director of Communications and Content

Fractured Atlas

Blue shirt with collar, curly hair pinned up, dark background, right hand resting under right ear and right side of jaw.

Nina Goldman

Hunter College

A dark skinned Black femme with short black 4c hair is pictured with a slight smile on her face and is wearing a white shirt

Ogemdi Ude, Artist and Educator

Smiling brown skinned woman with dark brown curly hair, red lips, multicolored necklace and black jacket against a white wall

Onye Ozuzu, Dean, College of the Arts, University of Florida,

Artistic Director, Ozuzudances

Dark brown skin male body with mustache, low shaved beard and Locs half tied back and other half down

Orlando Zane Hunter Jr., Ohio Master Urban Farmer, Founder & Artistic Director, Brother(hood) Dance!

Paloma, a light skinned Black woman, stands on the bank of the Harlem River, looking upstream as the wind blows through her hair

Paloma McGregor, Co-Founder and Artistic Director

Angela's Pulse

White woman with short brown hair, red jacket, gold earrings

Patricia Schwadron, Career Counselor Supervisor

The Actors Fund Career Center

Against a white background: Brown complexion, male with long locked hair. Wearing a dark jacket, blue shirt and neck-tie

Paul Dennis, Professor and Chair

Hunter College Dance Department

Woman wearing glasses is facing the camera. She is wearing an embroidered dress and a purple shawl.

Paula Sánchez-Kucukozer, Manager and Founding Member

Son Pecadores

White woman with brown hair and blue frame glasses outdoors. Wearing a colorful scarf and black shirt.

Randi Berry, Executive Director

The Indie Theater Fund and IndieSpace

Headshot of Ravi Reddi

Ravi Reddi, Associate Director of Advocacy and Policy

Asian American Federation

 Rebecca, a mixed-race woman, has brown chin length hair, messy bangs, and is smiling slightly. She is wearing a blue shirt.

Rebecca Fitton, Independent Artist Manager

Reyna Núñez is captured in a black top, with long brown braids, crossed arms and a slight smile to the camera.

Reyna Núñez, Movement Artist, & Administrative Assistant

Ladies of Hip Hop (LOHH)

An image of a white, non-binary person with short, dark, brown hair in front of a white-washed brick wall.

Risa Shoup, Interim Executive Director

the Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York

River   Whittle

River Whittle, Lenapehoking

A black and white headshot of Ronald, who is bald and wears glasses and a suit.

Ronald K. Alexander, Self-Employed Freelance Dance Artist, Teacher, Choreographer, Administrator

Sachiyo Ito In costume of Kimono and Hair style of Genroku Period(late 17th Century Japan)

Sachiyo Ito, Artistic Director

Sachiyo Ito and Company

Sahasra in a sari and bindi with braided hair.

Sahasra Sambamoorthi, CEO


A photo of a white woman with dark brown hair and hazel eyes with plants in the background.

Sarah Calderon, Executive Director

Creatives Rebuild New York

Sarah Cecilia Bukowski

Sarah Cecilia Bukowski, Research and Advocacy Coordinator

Sarah leans against a brick wall, her tightly cropped curly hair is brown and her freckled skin is wet with sweat and rain.

Sarah Chien, Independent Dance Artist

White woman with shoulder length blond hair and is wearing a dark-blue shirt.

Sarah Marcus, Director of Education and Community Engagement

Mark Morris Dance Group

An Anglophone/white/light-skinned, cis-gendered female with shoulder length brown hair smiles widely at the camera.

Sarah Wilbur, Assistant Professor/Director of Graduate Studies

Duke University Dance Program

Headshot of Sewaa Codrington

Sewaa Codrington, Cofounder/Director

KowTeff School of African Dance

African American Female with short cropped afro,sterling silver hoop earrings and black tank top

Sheila Barker, Educator, Broadway Dance Center; Adjunct Professor, Marymount Manhattan College

Marymount Manhattan College

Sophia is wearing a Korean woman with long dark brown hair. She is wearing a tan winter coat and a black scarf.

Sophia Park, Associate Director, Community

Fractured Atlas

Stacie looks directly at the camera against a steel garage door. She has flowing blonde hair, gold hoop earrings, body jewelry.

Stacie Webster, Teacher & Choreographer

Broadway Dance Center

Sydnie, a brown-skin Black women with dark brown locs, stands smiling with her arms crossed. She wears a tan colored top with 3/

Sydnie Liggett-Dennis, Executive Director

A.I.M by Kyle Abraham

Tiffany Rea-Fisher

Tiffany Rea-Fisher, Artistic Director & Choreographer


Headshot of Timothy Edwards - Professional Performer and Realtor

Timothy Edwards, Performer

Camille A Brown and Dancers

Headshot of Violeta

Violeta Galagarza, Executive Artistic Director

Keep Rising To The Top (KR3Ts)

x, a mixed raced, light-skinned Black agender person, is wearing dark gray coveralls.

x sennyuen rance, Transdiciplinary Artist

Equity Workshop Facilitators

A selfie of Abou Farman with a cabbage superimposed where his head would be

Abou Farman, Associate Professor of Anthropology, New School

Art Space Sanctuary

Alia is looking directly at the camera and smiling. She has long, dark curly hair and is wearing a grey shirt against white

Alia Lahlou, Social Transformation Facilitator

Laurel, a white woman with creamy skin, cropped silvery hair, and hazel eyes, looks thoughtfully to one side.

Laurel Lawson, Choreographer, Kinetic Light; Artist-Engineer, Rose Tree Productions

Mid-range close up of a Brown cis-man smiling at the camera, wearing two braids to his sides, a grey shirt with flower patterns

Milton X. Trujillo, Community Worker and Coordinator

Centro Corona

SmART Bar Consultants

Alex is a white man wearing a black collared shirt with brown hair and a smile

Alex Goleman, Director of Fiscal Services


Brittany is seated against a mustard yellow background, her hair pulled up into a tall bun. She rests her elbow in her lap

Brittany Couch, Marketing Manager


Chris Bastardi Headshot

Chris Bastardi

BARO Strategies

Clarissa is a petite latina woman with medium length wavy black hair, a black blazer and white shirt with a white background

Clarissa Soto-Josephs, Executive Director


Hollis is a white male, with a mustache, beard, gray hair and glasses

Hollis Headrick, President

Arts and Cultural Strategies, Inc.

Image of a white woman with should length light brown hair, slightly in her face, smiling. She is wearing wide rimmed glases

Jenny Thompson, Managing Director of Strategy


Male with short brown hair, grey suit, white shirt, charcoal tie with a grey background.

Julian Schubach, VP, ODI Financial

A woman in her 30s with short brown hair, blue eyes, wearing a pink button-down shirt against a swirling painting.

Nathalie Matychak, Assistant Director of Producing & Residency

Georgia Tech

Brown-skinned Black woman with short curly dark brown hair shown from the chest up and wearing a v-neck satin black long sleeve

Niya Nicholson, Managing Director


Sandy Garcia is wearing a white blouse with black trim. She is smiling at the camera, has medium-light complexion, brown hair

Sandy Garcia, Director of Booking


Legal Clinic Consultants

Adjckwc Browne Headshot

Adjckwc Browne

Browne Law

Carol Steinberg in her office library against favorite books including the wonderful Art Law treatise by Judith Bresler

Carol J. Steinberg, Attorney Law Firm of Carol J. Steinberg and Professor at the School of Visual Arts

Brown face smiling with long black hair. Off white top and pink patterned jacket.

Cheryl Davis, General Counsel

Authors Guild

An African-American women with a medium brown skin tone; dark hair worn straight and ending right above the shoulders.

Deborah Robinson, Esq.

Blond hair, older woman, no makeup in photo

Diane Krausz , The Law Offices of Diane Krausz

test alt

Elissa D. Hecker, Esq., Chair

Law Office of Elissa D. Hecker Esq.

Headshot of Ethan Bordman

Ethan Bordman, Attorney and Chair of Entertainment, Arts & Sports Law

New York State Bar Association

Innes Smolansky, dark haired female

Innes Smolansky

Office of Innes Smolansky

Headshot of Merlyne Jean-Louis

Merlyne Jean-Louis, Business & Entertainment Lawyer

Jean-Louis Law

Michael wearing a tie, blazer, and glasses.

Michael Burke, Legal

Bloomberg LP

Philip Gottfried headshot

Philip H. Gottfried, Counsel

Amster, Rothstein & Ebenstein

Blond shoulder length hair, fair skinned, oval to round face with dark rimmed glasses, lawyer-like countenance with slight smile

Rosemarie Tully, Attorney

Dance Break Leaders

Headshot of Angel Kaba

Angel Kaba, International Artistic Director, Choreographer

Founder of Afro'Dance New York

Black female with brown complexion. Bald/shaven hair, mild makeup, bold eyes.

Olu Alatise, Miss Lulu Creates, Dancer/Teacher/Choreographer based in London UK

Dance/NYC seeks partners and speakers with a variety of viewpoints for its events with the goal of generating discussion. The inclusion of any partner or speaker does not constitute an endorsement by Dance/NYC of that partner's or speaker's views.


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